Shooter's Spot


Rifles, Ammo and Gear for Iguana Hunt. This is where you learn about the ultimate challenge for any air rifle. Power to break thru a very hard skin and bones. Precision to hit a very small target. 

No grey zones. It works or not!!!

Quick Shot, Episode 2: Hatsan Flash .22 with H&N Hornet pellets


Join me in my lunch time break hunt. 15 minutes are good enough to hunt a couple of iguanas so I keep testing the new Hatsan Flash, now with the H&N Hornet pellets.

Note: That's a little blood in my face. No dirt.

Umarex Gauntlet vs Hatsan Flash


The battle of entry level pcp air rifles has a new chapter. Crosman brought the Maximus in a very simple patform. Then Umarex took the game to game to a whole new level with the Gauntlet; regulated bottle, lots of consistent shots per fill and amazing accuracy. Now, Hatsan brings you the Flash; a light weight, powerful and comfortable . Just the perfect pick for a small game hunt.

Side-Shot Scope Cam 8/29/2017

Check out this awesome device we use to film our hunts. The Side-Shot is an affordable way to have the best part of your hunt on record, just the way you saw it. Compared to similar devises that cost over $700, this one is by far the most comfortable and  practical for a fraction of its competitors. Available at www.side-shot.com. Remember to say the Iguana Hunters sent you!!!

PS: I need to get a better phone soon and sorry for all the shaky parts but I don't use any aiming aid. 

Shooting and More Shooting!!! 8/12/2017

Our two best rifles performing at their best. The Hatsan Hercules and Airforce Condor are two of the most powerful rifles in their category. This will be just an intro of what's coming. Full rifles and pellets reviews with accuracy test, speed test and field test.