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About Us

Iguana Hunting Tours started as a hunting team led by Rafael Muller eight years ago. Three years ago, Abner Almenas joined the team and worked with Rafael in promoting the iguana hunt with outsiders. For the last years, Rafael and Abner have guided several hunters and visitors from all around the globe, giving them the opportunity of an unique experience. A VERY HIGH ADRENALINE HUNT!!!

Iguana Hunt is not just an amazing adventure. You will be helping to control an invasive species that cause losses of hundreds of thousands of dollar in agriculture and infrastructure, and the preservation of local species of birds, turtles among other due to the aggressive territorial nature of the green iguana. They came about 30 years ago as pets but after been released into the wild, their fast reproductive capacity has become a real threat. The local Department of Natural Resources have an approximate count of 6 millions so we have some shooting to do for you.